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Fehrenbacher is a musical entity based in Austin, TX. We began as the solo project of one Matt Fehrenbacher, aka me, the person writing this now.

Fehrenbacher is my first album. I wrote these songs over a period of eight years, recording demos of varying quality at home. In 2014 I decided I finally had enough classic songs for a complete album.

I took these ten songs and recorded them in ten days, guided by the production and engineering wizardry of Sean Rolie at the Bubble.

(As an aside: On day three of recording, as I was leaving the studio, my car got T-boned and totaled. I was surprisingly fine, but I did take a day off from the studio, so really the album was recorded in nine days.)

My old friend Daniel Coborn (Ringo Deathstarr, Magia Negra, Robby) played the drums and boy did he do a great job. I did everything else: singing, playing pianos, synthosizers, guitars, basses, and tambourines.

I don’t know what to call the music. I think it sounds familiar and poppy, and is based in the rock band tradition, but is something new and distinctive. Each song also has a different sound that's tailored to the musical universe it exists in, but there's still a recognizable voice across the album.

I base a lot of songs around keyboard and piano parts, but I still love huge guitars and wild solos. I also love really deep bass sounds, like sub-bass booms and crushing synths.

After recording, it took me a while to actually get the album out there, but now it is finally out in the world. I am very proud of it, and I did almost everything about it myself, including the album art (and art for each track, featured above).

Fehrenbacher is also now a band that can play these songs live. I play a Nord Electro and Korg Polysix, Daniel plays the drums, and Brandon Barry (Mayday!) plays a mean bass guitar. Our shows are really good. Come see one, or invite us to play one at your musical venue.


Please email:

fehrenbachermusic at gmail dot com

We love to play shows, and we are incredible at it

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Photos by Matt Fehrenbacher and Ellie Pritts